Sunday, January 07, 2007

Ok... So I decided this morning to do something about my stash Overflow and disorganization of my yarn and " Stuff "..
I printed out the patterns from my knitting books of some of the things that I "plan" to make "soon".. Yeah Yeah.... So there are quite a few that I have in mind.. :)
Then I dragged out some of my yarn Again and put the yarn for each projects in a zippered sweater bag along with the pattern... For me this is much better because with all the stash I have shoved in my closet and along all the walls in bins in my bedroom :) ... Now I have some things all set up and ready to go without having to go through each batch of yarn...
Now I know I will be making a trip to the store to get more zipper bags so I can put more
" Projects To Go" in them but I am real happy with this plan right now.... Problem will be that I am going to want to Start most of them right away but thats OK too... As you might have guessed.. I also have a Needle Stash .. so that won't be a problem LOL
Who Knows... Maybe when I am about 105 I will have a goodly amount of my yarn stash used up... Then I can buy MORE !!! Grin !!!!!


Donna said...

Now THIS is an awesomely smart plan, Penny!!! KUDOS!

LDSVenus said...

Penny, that is a very good idea. :) I can see where some of my extra money will be going. I have yarn in stashes that I've had for at least 12 years :P, maybe this way I can actually knit it up into something before I buy new stuff. :) Gotta finish the sweater coat I'm making first, at least if I plan on wearing it before winter is over. :P

Anonymous said...

Oh Penny,

That dress is beautiful!! I wish I could knit a bit faster lol. You did an awesome job my friend!

Cheryl ~ Texas

Anonymous said...

Great idea Penny and what fun to choose which project to do next when they're all there waiting for you in nice little kits.
I have yarn back to the 1970's!