Sunday, January 07, 2007

Six Weird Things About " ME " ??????? HUH ???

OK... So I stopped by to visit Shannon and low and behold I was "tagged" !!!
So you want to know 6 weird things about me ??? This is a tough one as there is absolutely nothing weird about me at all !!! Its true.... But don't ask Bob .. He might have a different opinion !!! :)
Let me see I'll have to really think hard to come up with something here:

1- When I have my Oatmeal in the morning it has to be with a particular spoon.. I have two of them which are a bit rounded in shape and don't you just know it.. Every morning when I go to eat Bob has used " MY SPOON" to stir his coffee !!! I have such a hard time finding it in the draw but he finds it all the time.... So now I put it in the fork section of the draw so he doesn't get it :)

2-I too always must close my closet door before I go to sleep... One never know what lurks behind those closed doors and I want to make sure it stays there!!!

3-I have a small glass of milk with a Stella Dora Breakfast treat 9:00 at night or I think I won't sleep well... And it MUST be a Stella Dora Breakfast treat.. anything else will keep me awake :)

4-I must leave the bedroom sliding door open a little.. even just a crack to let some air in or I get hot and stuffy and have nightmares !! And BOY do I hate those !! :(

5-I always "squint" my face when I am doing something... Ask my Daughter April.. She tells me to stop it all the time...LOL

6- OK Number 6.... I can't think of another weird thing about myself... LOL maybe someone can add it here for me ??? GRIN!!

OOPS Almost forgot to Tag 6 People !!
Donna... Calliope..Sharron(satalite beach)... Suzetta...Julie and Lisa consider yourselves
"Tagged" "


JustApril said...

good list =) ahem... I mean WEIRD list lol

Donna said...

Well, gee!!!! Thanks SOOOO much for the tag Penny! I just have no idea what the heck I'm gonna say about myself! I'm not the least bit weird at all! LOL, LOL!!!!

isabelle said...

I have that closet issue also... It is a very popular weird thing that is going to be a normal thing soon, if everybody keeps mentioning it as a weird thing...right? LOL