Monday, October 03, 2005

Boys Sets

Boys Sets Posted by Picasa

The matching Scarves are finished to complete the Buffalo Boys Sets!

One is done in a Fishermans Rib with a crochet edge at the ends...

The other is done with a Garter Stitch Border at The Ends and then a Knit2- slip 2 stitch pattern.

One is about 35 inches and the other is about 30 inches.

I don't like to make the Kids Scarves too long because as a " GRANDMA" I always "worry" about them getting the scarves caught on something if it is too long... I know.. I know.... But thats what grandmas are for... To Worry, right :)

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Tricotine said...

I completely agree about the risks of long scarves for kids, Penny!

What a cring GrandMa you are!

Isabelle :))