Saturday, June 30, 2007

Absolutely NO Willpower !!!!
This has been a very Bad few weeks for My Not Buying any Stash !!!! I think I am no longer a member !!!! :)
One shop two weeks ago had things for 30% OFF so I had to get a Bag!!!
Then another Shop had 50% OFF EVERYTHING... so now what knitter in their Right Mind could walk away from that???
So I am WAY PAST my Yarn Budget for a long time ...
Now Don't let me hear of any more shops going out of Business...... I can't afford it !!!!
But it sure was a Fun Morning in The Yarn Shop !!!!! <>

Then after we stopped for a bite to eat for Lunch I sat on the Dock in the Backyard and worked on this Pink Sweater that I just started..... I have to spend alot of time Knitting so I can use up SOME of this stash !!! I mean look at it.. Its hiding by my Computer and still in The Bags !!!!! Its Time to Dig In !!!!!! :)
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Donna said...

Oh dear! You have "yarn-itis" again! Those are some gorgeous yarns and sweet deals! Good for you!

Anonymous said...

My DD works part time in a yarn shop to support her habit. You can see how dangerous this is--I don't even need to set foot in a store. Our yarn has a habit of procreating on its own and inhabiting all rooms in the house. Last week she said she was not buying any more yarn, went to work and was able to get through the day. This week she had barely arrived at work when she called me to tell me there were several balls of a lovely yarn in a lovely color in the sale bin. Guess what? she came home with a bag of that yarn. We have to knit our fingers to the bone.
I do love the cotton fleece and am using it for the Debbie Bliss Alphabet Blanket for my newest grand-nephew to be. I am fascinated by the creativity of the design.
I don't have a blog, but I love looking at everyone's to see what designs I like and find out where to obtain them. Love the Mets design, might have to try that out myself for my other grand nephew. His father is a Mets fan and mother is a Red Sox fan

Jules said...

Holy crap Batman!! :)lol Enjoy! Sounds like to me you've earned it.

Mary said...

It's ok - you could be buying cigarettes and booze instead, right? This is a GOOD thing. Just be glad you pretty much gave up the sewing & quilting. Unfortunately I havent and have a sewing stash in addition to the knitting stash. You also have lots of grandchildren and others to knit for which I don't - so it's ok, you NEEEED all that yarn! Glad you like the bag I made you - you Neeeed that too for all your new yarn!

Samantha said...

I would have had zero will power as well. Great haul! :)

Diane said...

Beautiful yarn and great prices is a bad thing? Not in my book.