Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Finally Finished this Blanket yesterday.... :)
I used Encore DK for it.... The pattern is in Ravelry but I forget the name of it right now...
All I can say is that this is the one and only one I will make... whew!! I couldn't wait to get it off the needles... The patterns has some errors in it and when I wrote to the designer she said to just fudge it... Others wrote that they did this and that to make it work.. So I did this and that and some fudging just to get it done.... I loved the edging which takes a while to do but turns out like an icord edge.. Very Pretty!

Oh And I made a Big Chocolate Chip Cookie for the Girls at Knitting today :)
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Grandma Elsie said...

Penny , you are one of the fastest knitters I ever knew!!
Did you make that cookie Pizza pan size ?
Elsie <><

Anonymous said...

Hi Penny!
This is a wonderful blanket.
Looks great.
Hugs Regina