Sunday, August 28, 2005

Sock Half Posted by Picasa
This is half of a sock that I started last week.. It goes pretty fast but as you can see..I have so many other things in the making that I switch from one project to the other.. Its really Great when I get to the Finishing Parts of them :)
I did a pair the week before on a 32 inch circular..The "Loop method" It worked out very well..
This one is being done on a tiny 12 inch needle and is also going along nicely.. Its just " around and around" without pulling loops or changing dpns..... FUN FUN


Bonnie D. said...

Your blog looks great! Love all the fun projects you have going on.


Melanie said...

that sock yarn is beautiful...I have that exact stuff in my stash... somewhere. hehehe. I had no idea it was that pretty when knit up! Speaking of stash. HOLY COW!

Anonymous said...

is that sock yarn the self striping kind? pretty!

Holmes 3 said...


Your blog looks fantanstick! I hope to get some time to futz with mine so that I can start putting pictures into it.

LI StitchNBitch

Shannon said...

All I can say about the entire blog is WOW. Way to go Penny!! I'm so happy you got stuff sorted out. and as far as that stash goes HOLY COW you lucky woman!!!! Husbands will never understand all that yarn :)

Anna said...

I LOVE your blog ! ! ! The sock looks fantastic, I LOVE those self-stripping yarns. Mind helping me with my Christmas sock knitting list? LOL Great blog and keep the posts coming!

~ Anna

Anonymous said...

Lovely blog, Penny!
You are knitting up a storm :-).
Every project is wonderful.
I like your favorite knitting place. I will come back and love to see what you are creating.

Stephanie said...

Penny: I too am a new blogger and it has been frustrating. Are you from NY? I used to live there and miss NY pizza - especially white pizza! I love your stash. It would be fun to rummage through it. Oh wait, I can do that with my own stash but it isn't nearly as large as yours. I so love looking at all the colors and touching and feeling the yarn and dreaming of its outcome just makes me happy! I have you on my favorite places so I will keep watching your progress. As soon as I figure out posting pictures, I will! Stephanie

Tricotine said...

Fun colors for socks!

I've never made socks with circular needle... It sounds interesting though...

Isabelle :)