Saturday, August 27, 2005


The weather is getting much better now.. The humidity has dropped down lots!!! Thank Goodness.. It has been such a HOT Summer...
After having my coffee and bacon and eggs and toast this morning which I am NOT supposed to eat.... But " Hey " Ya Know.. Once in a while we have to treat ourselves :)
Well.. Anyway I decided to Get Out a bit and take a ride to My LYS in Amityville... Its a small quaint little shop and I like to chat with Karen ..the owner ! But .. No No.. Not today.. The shop was closed.. Darn it.. She must have gone on a few days vacation !! Some nerve, huh....LOL
So it saved me some money afterall !!! On the way down the step a lady went to the door and I told her it was closed.. " Oh No" Exclaimed the Lady with a worrisome look on her face!!!! :)
Are you a knitter ?.. " she asked.... Yes I am!!!! Yes I am... LOL
She pulled out her knitted and told me she was going there for some help as she is a New Knitter.. She did not know which side to pick up stitches for the buttonband on the sweater.. OK That was an EASY one !!! She was so " Happy" to continue on with her First baby Sweater!!!
Then I proceeded to go to Dottys Yarn Shop.. I did not plan on buying yarn ... ha .. Oh Yea!!! Sure!!!
So I ended up "browsing" for about an hour before I could not resist the temptation that the yarn was putting on me.. Gosh.. It just kept bouncing in my basket until I finally HAD to say.. OK Ok You WIN... You are coming Home with me!!! So $ 35.00.. lighter.. I left the store!!!
HoooHUmmmmmmm.. So much for NOT adding to my Stash!!!!
But it sure did feel GOOD!!! *grin*
Then I went further on down the block to JoAnns.. There I bought some green velvet that I need to line a frame for my Wedding Doiley that I made for my niece...
I had some yarn in my hand and this time I did resist and I put it back.. Bought the velvet and went down the road for a slice of white pizza and a coke..!!
It was a Very Good Day!!!


ellen said...

Yum--what is white pizza??
Your pictures are lovely. i'm Ellen over at
knittingHelp, BTW.

Knitcrazy said...

Hi Ellen..
White Pizza is yummy..
It has no tomatoes.. It has Ricotta cheese and other cheese..
Sometimes I don't want the tomato sauce.. ( acid reflux here) :(
Sometimes it has roasted eggplant or something on it too!!! :)