Tuesday, August 30, 2005

What Will I Be ? Posted by Picasa

I have been "looking" at this yarn in my Stash for a long time now... Its time for me to decide what it is going to be...
I have 1o skeins @ 85 yards each so maybe I will make a nice colorful Florida Shawl for " Me "
It is a very light " nubby" sort of yarn.. made by Reynolds..."Reggae".. I am sure it is a discontinued yarn because I picked up the bag of 10 at a second hand store last year... for $2.00
Good Deal.. Huh ?
There is a nice shawl in the "Pattern-A-Day Calendar " on February 15th.. called Clearwater Rapids Shawl and it calls for a textured yarn so I think this will be great.... Maybe I'll start it tonight.. What the heck.. I only have a few other things on needles.... *Grin*


jeannie said...

What a great buy! Probably discontinued yarn, but still pretty. I think I used some from that same company in my french market bag. The label looks familiar. :)

trek said...

Good buy!