Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Hat & Scarf Posted by Picasa

Since My Grandchildren live eight hours away in Buffalo I had to find a model for my hat and scarf... :)
He looks a bit pale here so I wanted to be sure and tell you that he is made of stone...
But Doesn't he look like he is Cold ????

Anyway.. I love the way the hat came out..
This one is for My grandaughter Natalie and it matches the scarf.. as you can see...
The scarf , you already know is from Scarf Style .....
The hat I chose is from a Little Vogue On The Go Book
Its a great little book that I borrowed from the Library !
Funny thing is the Scarf is from a Pam Allen Book and the hat that I picked is also from Pam Allen... Guess I like her Style :)

I just started another hat and scarf for My Grandaughter Allie.. This one has one different color choice in it... That way they can tell them apart..
I started her hat in a size large... Natalies Hat is a Small..
Both are supposed to be Ladies hats but I know they will fit them..
Natalie is Six and Allie is Ten..
Later I will post some photos of the beginning of the hat so you can see how it
" comes together"..

OK... Its a nice cool morning so I think I will take a fast trip to TJ Max and see if I find something to wear to My Nieces Wedding in a few weeks...
Yesterday I found a great pair of shoes to wear.. But I think I need something other than just Shoes to wear...!!!! LOL..

See ya all Later !!!! Happy Knitting !!!


Anonymous said...

thats cute and a little creepy all at the same time :)
Great job on the scarf and hat!

Knitcrazy said...

LOL... Yes.. I know what you mean... he does look very pale and sort of "pissed off" about wearing the hat and scarf... LOL