Friday, September 23, 2005


All Right.. So its Friday again, huh ? What happened to Wen. and Thursday???
Did I sleep them away or something???
I just can not believe how the days just Fly by...
Everyone says.. " Wait till you get older"... ha !!! How much older do I have to be ???
If they go any faster.. I might as well just stay in bed...LOL

Anyway.. I have no photos to show you today :(
.. I did finish Wills hat and I am almost done with Thomas'..
While I was at it.. I also made one for my neighbors little boy.. :)
He's such a cute kid.... He will be 2 in January... :) He always comes to the fence in the yard and " talks".. One of these days we will know what he is "saying".....

Today I was doing laundry in the laundromat and the gal that owns the place was admiring the hat I was working on.... She liked the changes in the colors that I was doing....
From that we got to talking about Children.. Grandchildren and Families....
We had a Nice " chat".
Then when I was leaving I called to her.." By now".. (which I always do when I leave)
This time she said " Thank you .............. Bye..... MY FRIEND"
See How knitting just makes people " Friends" :)

Well... Bye for Now " My Friends".. Its time to "say.. " Goodnight"

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