Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Noe here is The Deal of The Month !!!!

I picked up these little Beauties today in a second hand store... ( Sounds better than a Thrift Shop.. ha )..
Its 9 skeins of 55%Alpaca /45% Lana.. Filati.. BottoPoala /Incas
It was $3.00 for ALL of them
Isn't it Pretty???????
Now What will I do with these ???


Michele [iSmile ;D] said...

Love that colour!!!!! You lucky. I've not had much luck in 2nd hand stores for yarn lately... Everythting that I've rn across is from 1970 something and is 100% polyester.

Donna said...

HOLY MOLEY!!!!!!! $3.00 for the lot of it?????!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can NEVER find any bargains even close to this! Soooooo sumptuous! The Fuzzy hats are adorable and very colorful!

Isabelle said...

Send them over here! LOL

Oceana said...

Of course my vote is that you should use it for a lacy shawl LOL