Friday, October 27, 2006

Fair Isle

Playing around with My De' a' tricot....... or My Knitting Thimble in English :)
How's My French..Isabelle ????

There are no directions with it so looking at the pitcure it should be simple to follow, right??? Well.. I put it on like the picture but it was the wrong hand for me.. I don't knit with that hand so I assume you put it on the "working" neelde hand... It take s little getting used to but I think maybe its good.. It keeps the yarn from getting tangled and the yarn is all on one finger.. Sometimes when I do two colors I put one color in each hand and work with the two fingers... Both Hands.. But this might be easier when I get the hang of it :)


Mama Bear said...

What a great blog! Love the sheep sweater, the noro hat and more. I really enjoy knitting for those little ones.

I use the yarn holder on the finger when I double knit. It really helps.

Shannon said...

Ohhhh I just sent one of those finger things to my Secret Pal, I hope she gets a chance to use it. I myself have never ever tried fair isle :( Its on my to do list, Really it is!!!

kat said...

hm i get the concept btu oh man it looks hard to master.

yarn addicted said...

Hey Penny,
I got one of those too
Have no idea what to do with it, but...I got one!!!
love your blog

Isabelle said...

Your "De a tricoter" seems to work great, Penny! Your french is not bad either... LOL

I have never tried one of these knitting thimbles yet (BTW, you just taught me the name in english - thanks!)but I don't think it would work for me as I am a "thrower"...

I am condamned to be tangled when I do Intarsia... ;-)