Friday, October 13, 2006


Did I ever show you My New Toys????
I got these in June ... I have a Ball Winder but I left it in Florida so of course I had to get one for here in New York... ( One less thing to drag back and forth, right ? )
Then I figured.. hey... I think I NEED one of those Swifts..... Yup... I needed it... I haven't actually USED it yet but I have PLANS for it.... This I will have to pack with My Florida "STUFF"..
Anyway.. The winders are the bst thing since sliced bread ..... I use that quite alot.. Its such a pleasure to knit from a nicely wound center pull skein and it doesn't get "stuck" while you are working.. Its great to wind little balls for colorwork also.. As I did in a post Below... Then I put them in my Pantyhose holders and throw them in my Knitting Bag!!!
I think you should definately put the Winder on your Christmas Wish List !!! :)


Tricotine said...

Mmmmh... Interesting toys...

Marlene said...

Those aren't "toys", they are "tools". (My husband has far more respect for tools, so calling something a "tool" means it is "required" and that you should go for the best one you can afford).

Those are tools I've already acquired. I luv 'em.