Thursday, April 12, 2007

I have no completed projects to post today...
Just Popping in to let you know I am not slacking off tho.....
I have been working on three things this week... I did a little on my beaded sweater and a little on my Striped Blankie and alot on my Embroidered Blankie.... I was almost finished embroidering the girls on it when I decided it needed two more girls in the spaces that were left... So the work continues !!!!
But I did find the perfect fabrics today for the border and the binding !!!
I'm really anxious to see it finished.... I hope it lives up to my expectations !!! :)
So I'm off to the couch to have my milk and cookie and do some needlework !!!!
Photos coming soon.. I hope !!!
I feel like I am slowing down when I don't have a completed project but I guess its not How Fast we do them... Its the Journey while making them and waiting for the finish, Right?


Sereknitty said...

There doesn't seem to be enough time to do all of the things we'd like to and they never seem to finish as quickly as we want them to. Looking forward to seeing the photos.
Can you tell me what the pattern is that was used for the purple sweater you recently completed?

Knitcrazy said...

You didn'y leave an addy so I am posting here.. Maybe you will see it..
The Pattern was a Plymouth Yarn # S284