Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Shawls Shawls Shawls................................
I have been thinking alot about wraping myself up in a nice cozy shawl.. I have two big skeins of Cascade Eocological yarn that a Dear Friend of mine gave me before she passed away.. I wanted to make something nice for myself and A Shawl is what I decided.
I will think of Lori every time I wear it.
I searched and searched for that one shawl to catch my fancy and I finallly decided on The Forest Canopy Shawl.. I am really loving this one.. As I am knitting on it I am already planning on what other yarns I have in My Stash to make another one.. It can be done in any weight yarn just adjust your needle and pattern repeats accordingly...The pattern is very well written and I highly recommend it...
I ordered mine on line and it was as easy peasy... If you don't use pay pal they do take credit cards..
Now about where to get it.. Well.. I don't have the link on hand here so Google The Forest Canopy Shawl and you will be led in the right direction.
Have Fun with it and I'm sure like me ... you will be addicted to making more of them .

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KnitNana said...

Oh, Penny that's going to be lovely!!!
Do email me, won't you? When you comment on my blog, blogger won't give me your email to reply to - and yes, Violette is for circular needles!

Anonymous said...

I'm jealous yet again!
You're already so far into this shawl, it'll be done in no time at all!
What yarn are you using? It appears a lovely shade of brown?


Grandma Elsie said...

O Penny, Its going to be lovely...
I am ok with just one YO in a pattern but other wise I can't do lace patterns with a lot of wraps in the rows. I always get lost in the row after the wraps.
Can't wait to see it finished.