Thursday, September 03, 2009

I made some more Fish Cloths !!!!

I was lucky to get Two hats out of the Skein of yarn that Jeme..My Swap partner sent me.. Now.. Funny and wonderful that it turned out I had the same Swap Partner for Two swaps.. Boy was I Lucky.. I could not have asked for a nicer partner :) So these Hats are from the yarn that I got in the First swap...I did two different designs and see how different the yarns came out.. This is a lousy photo which does not show the cables at all... They are really much nicer in person.. I have to figure out how to get better photos :(
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Grandma Elsie said...

Could you try a med dark solid back ground for the photo's Penny. You can't see the design and I wonder how it looks.
I have never done a swap .. Don't know if I would want to get into it either.

Karin said...

Don't you just love those fish cloths. I like the colors you used.