Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Beginning of an Afghan.. The actual colors are pink and lilac but it looks like blue and white here which also looks nice :)
Can you see The Hearts ???? No... Look Again ..... Ok..... Now Your See Them, Right!!!

I did a hat to go with The Scarf I am making... I started the scarf and then remembered that I had another skein so I did the hat so that now I know how much I have left for the scarf.. Make sense ?? Ohhh Sure it does....
The Hat is Cabled and The scarf is a simple K2 p1 pattern.. I started with a slip stitch on the ends..

I hd this glorious ball of oh so soft Alpaca which was given to me last year from a Friend.. ...Lori...
I don't know how much is in it but I started this scarf and it looks like it will make a pretty good length... It feels wonderful!!!!
The Scarf Pattern is from Yarn Harlot.. Another simple K2, K tbl, p1... Easy Peasy!!!
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