Thursday, May 31, 2007

Here is My Latest!!!
This is The Yoda Sweater which can be found on line....
I used Blue Sky Organic Cotton which I bought from
The yarn is so soft and was really nice to work with.................
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Jules said...

Very cute! Better than mine turned out. I did it in the original gray but it was my first time knitting clothing & seaming it together. Not good.:)lol

Sharon said...

I love Blue Sky Alpaca cotton!! It is my new favorite. i have this pattern on my list. Glad to see it looks so cute in Blue sky

Lisa said...

Hey Penny!
Nice work as usual, you Speedy Knitter YOU!
Have you ever tried this pattern?
I'm wondering if the ties on the sides would feel "lumpy" to the little body wearing it?
I like the construction of it, though, with the open sides, so the big ol' diapers can have a place to bulge out of!
I enjoy everything you make.

Kasia said...

Hey Penny, it's a lovely little sweater! I love how it looks, the colour is really nice and I guess that so is the yarn!