Monday, May 07, 2007

This Little Wrap Sweater is done in a really nice yarn that I got from April .. she picked my name out of a hat and sent me two skeins of Louet Gems.. 100% washable merino wool.. Its a lovely soft sweater... Thank You April !!!!!
The pattern is from an old knit book that I have and if I do another one of these there are alot of changes I would make to do it a little easier.. I would do the front & back in one piece mainly just to eliminate sewing.. and this one had the buttonbands done seperately which I would "knit on" in the next one.. But all in all.. I LOVE the Little Sweater.. :)
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Isabelle aka tricotine said...

LOVELY!!! Little Penny is going to be the best dressed baby around the block... LOL

And you have to knit for the little brother as well now... You are going to be so busy! :-))

Elle said...

Hello Penny, I'm a lurker on the baby sweaters list but I thought I'd come by to tell you how lovely your little wrap is. Just beautiful.

Sandy said...

Penny..absolutely precious the pattern! SO cute! What "old" book did that come from?


JustApril said...

=)*) very cute! and YOU'RE WELCOME!