Friday, June 13, 2008

Here is The Progrerss Report on the Dress that I am test knitting...
Its a size 8 and this is the top and some of the skirt..
I have to knit to the length that I want and then do a few additions... If I had kept knittting just this one project as I should have... I would have been finished with it by now but then My Daughter went and had a baby Girl sooooooooooo I HAD to knit up some things for her because I am going up to Buffalo to visit them all... :)
So Lily.. I will get to finish this Adorable Dress very soon... Sorry for the delay .... :)
But as you can see , Your Pattern and its directions are working up very well...
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Anonymous said...

Penny, '
this is just lovely... can you tell me how many stitches you add on for the ruffle sleeves?