Friday, June 20, 2008

Baby Wrap

I made Claire her First Grandma Knitted Sweater.....
Its a really little baby Wrap and I got the pattern from "Cherished Knits for Babies" ...Hummm.... I THINK thats the name of it...
I added the embroidered flowers myself ..
We went up to Buffalo to visit all the grandkids this past week so I got to deliver it and see Claire wearing it... Which reminds me to post that photo also... So it will be already posted by now being the way the Blog goes from one post and then the other later.. I wish we could rearrange the posts order sometimes so they are in the correct order ???
Anyway.... I used fingering yarn and a size 2 needle for this one so it is really a nice light weight sweater.. Perfect for Little babies !!!!
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Anonymous said...

I love knitting for babies too. They are just so much fun to knit for, they get done fairly quickly, and the baby yarns are always so nice and soft to work with.

Your sweater is really adorable, and the little embroidered flowers was the perfect touch to dress it up a bit.

Your hot-pink knit dress is gorgeous. I love the color, and those adorable little sleeves. Can't wait to see it finished.

With all those grandkids it should give you lots of ideas for things to be knitting. And I'm sure they love getting surprise gifts from Grammy too.

Take care. :)