Thursday, September 06, 2007

So What have I been doing???
This morning I went for an eye exam because I need new glasses... Which is always a big decision for me because I never know what kind of glasses I want.. I have tried progressives several times and last time I put them on I drove right over the curb... Not A Good Thing!!! I just could not get used to them... Most of my glasses end up stuck hidden away because they are never right and I use the dollar store glasses... LOTS of them.... Now it seems I really need distance so I have to try something... I decided to go for the bifocal again and see if they work for me THIS time!!!... I also got my eyes dialated and it was a good thing I had Bob with me because I could not see very well for the next few hours.. I know I would not have been able to drive all the way home... (Now I have a headache)
So next week I'll let you know HOW My NEW Specks are working out!!! :)

In the afternoon I ran to the Post office with my box of yarn that I am trading with Terri in Brooklyn for different yarn... :)

Then I stopped at the Library searching for this book that was recommended to me by a fellow Blogger... ummm??? "Handknit"I think it is or something like that... Amazingly I DID find it at our local library... I read about 20 pages and it is good...
My Book Report will be in soon!!!
So... Since many of you ask.... Do I do anything but knit??????
See... YES I do... Sometimes I Read !!! :)

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handknit168 said...

Oh Penny, you have found the book, I hope u enjoy it. The writer Jodi has many famous books, eg, Salem Falls, Nineteen Minute and My sister's keepers.... I am now searching the last book for one chinese bloggers recommend it.

very hope that you have your "reading" catalogue, so that all bloggers can share the reading.

Carrie Penny said...

Well, after your report, I may have to go to our lib. and see if I can find it, I have lived here for 2 years and haven't been in our lib. yet. I love the glasses you have there... I get mine from the grocery store. Foster Grant seems to be the only thing standing between me and my migranes while knitting and reading.

Lucy said...

Love Jodi Picoult!!!!