Thursday, February 16, 2006

Day 7

Hooray !!!! I'm heading down the Slopes !!!! I can almost see the finish line !!!!

Time to have a seaming party !!!! Get those sleeves on and finish up with the Buttonbands and neck band!!!!
Can't wait to put that big Gold Metal around my neck!!! Or Silver...

How is the rest of the Team doing!!!!


the knotmaker said...

Penny - your cardi is looking great ... You can do it!!

Me said...

Oh I am loving that cardi pattern !!! good job :o)


Tricotine said...

Keep going, Penny! You can do it!!!


Hope you will feel better soon...



JoanM said...

Wow, you have enjoyed your knitting olympics I can see. Great progress

Becky said...

You are doing great! I love the cardigan. I better get a move on if I'm gonna finish.

JustApril said...

very cute =) You are the master sweater makers

Janey said...

It does indeed seem that you can see the finish line. Good for you!

I've fallen in love with the snippet of the Lacy Baby Dress you showed on January 23rd, your "Diana Dress". Any chance of me getting the pattern? (But not until after the closing ceremonies of course.)

I am knitting lace for the first time - in the Knitting Olympics - and I think I've gotten the hang of it. That is - after a number of times of ripping it out. (It's the "Branching Out" scarf from

Hope you're feeling better,