Sunday, February 26, 2006

Another Beribboned Version

There is the Origional Beribboned Sweater which I have already made and is just Adorable...
Then Yvette made the Garter Stitch version which is also Adorable..
AND now I have made a Stockinette and Garter Version !!!
This is such a cute sweater which ever way you make it.
It is all done on one circular needle and there is very little sewing to do :) Which is a BIG Plus for me ..
This one is done in Bernarts Cotton .. I have had this yarn for some time now and when I origionally bought it I told my Friend " Diana" that I was going to put Scotty Buttons on a sweater made with this yarn.......... Oh.. "The Scotty With The Dotty" Mary....our other shopping buddy said ... LOL.. Well.. It took me some time to get to it but here is ..."My Scotty With The Dotty Sweater "!!!
See.. Mary and Diana.. I did finally get it made !!!


Janey said...

Is that the pattern "Beribboned Eyelets" from the XRX book, Kids, Kids, Kids?
It reminds me of EZ's Surprise sweater.

Like the two commenters preceding me (on a previous entry I guess) I am in love with this sweater.
Your buttons are a beautiful addition to it.

Well done!

Teriknits said...

Please share where we can find the pattern for the Beribboned Sweater..I am a new grandma and would love to knit several of these for our wee one..Thank you!!

Suzetta said...

Adorable. Did you post what book the pattern is in?