Friday, February 20, 2009

First Let Me Tell You That The Kids are ALL Home !!!! Yippee!!!!
Everyone is Busy Bonding and getting adjusted. Some of the Stories are really cute...Just one quick one...
Samatha calls Felix ..... "Brother and Felix" and Felix calls Sami.. "Little Sister and SamiNo".. :) ..We figure that April is always saying Sami NO.. So Felix calls her Samino... LOL Sounds like a Chinese name... So Cute!!! :)

OK.. THis is a Downsized Central Park Hoodie that I made up for My 6 year old Grandaughter Paige.. Now all Four of the Girls have CPHoodies..

I started a Shawl KAL... THis is Lehmus.. It is turning out very pretty... I am doing this inbetween other projects so don't expect to see it finished for a while :)
Multi Projects going on here again!!!
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Anonymous said...

I love the CPHs you made for the kids! How did you downsize the pattern?


Anonymous said...

I'm glad the "kids" are all home, safe and sound! I wish them much happiness with the new "baby"!

JustApril said...

he heeee, Samino, too cute

Macy from Buffalo, NY said...

I too love the CPHs you made - that pink one is just so sweet! How did you downsize the pattern? Heather Lodinsky, the creator of the CPH hoodie lives 8 BLOCKS away from me! I bet she'd be delighted to see this photo! Anyway, it is a LOVELY sweater and if you have any advice or can help me with downsizing the pattern, I'd be ETERNALLY grateful!

dantel said...

thanx for I bet she'd be delighted to see this photo! Anyway,