Tuesday, February 10, 2009

And Todays Update is.......
This is a Group Photo of the China Children who were adopted in this Group.

Here are all the children and their Families from The Group...

This is My Daughter and Her Family :)

Time to go for a Walk !!!!
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Sally said...

Great photos! I know you will be thrilled to have them all back in the States!


Sheila said...

Ahhhh. Your daughter and SIL must be so happy. Great pictures.

KnitNana said...

What a wonderful experience and great photos...my cousin adopted a little girl from China several years ago. I know you're happy, Granny Penny!

VaxGirl said...

Awww Penny, bet you can't wait to meet Felix and see Sammie again.

PS: it's nice and warm here so you can come up any time... ok, I lied, it's getting colder again :(