Thursday, February 05, 2009

Day Eight in China

This is yesterdays email from My Daughter....I hope the time passes quicker for them.. It must be so hard with two little ones in a hotel and its too cold outside to play or anything..
It was a hectic day. We took a 2 hr. bus ride to the orphanage. It was the 5 families all from our orphanage the went today. Felix got sick on the initial ride to meet us the other day so they thought he gets car sick but he didn't get sick today. But Sami did so we're covered there. And Felix got sick on the floor of our hotel room last night from over eating. He's starting to realize today that he's going to get plenty food when ever he wants, slowing down a bit. Any who, we're all tired of eating pizza in the hotel, we're tired of eating noodles and Chinese food in general. Sami just wants berries and regular O's. I'd advise not to take a 19 month old child to China for 16 days, maybe a week ok. The kids are all playing so well, we have hallway play sessions and room to room play. We will be friends with these people for a long time I think. This is definitely a test of your tolerance to many things. There are many ups and downs. We all just want to go home. Maybe we'll feel a little better now that most of the touring and paperwork is done "for the most part." The schedules of things have been insane. It was really tough today bringing the kids back to where they came from. We had to go to do paperwork and to see what it's like. Some kids didn't want to go in and some didn't want to leave there nannies again "Felix." He snaped out of it pretty fast but daddy gets very sad for him when he cries about leaving his nannies. Any way. Night. Tomorrow's a new day

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Yvette said...

Never mind dear April the nightmare will soon be over! Thank you for sharing your story with us, via your Mom ! I wish Eri cand I had done this twenty years ago when we found we could have no children together(I had two by my first marriage and he has one)

So looking forward to seeing pictures of Felix meeting Penny - what a day that will be!

with love

Yvette in Australia