Saturday, December 23, 2006

Huh ????

Ok.. So " Betty Crocker" I am Not !!!!
This was my attempt at making Oatmeal Cookies... Yes..You heard me right... Oatmeal Cookies !!! Why ?? Don't they look like cookies ??? Ha !
I tried to make the recipe in half..(Thank Goodness) and maybe I missed calculated some of the ingredients... Oh I don't know !!!
Anyway... They sort of melted in the oven into one big huge square cookie and then I tried to cut them apart but then I couldn't get them to come off the cookie tray :) Oh Dear !!! I scraped what I could off with my pancake flipper but this was the final result..
So They are not exactly the sort of "Cookies" to pass around to the Neighbors, huh ?? LOL !!!

All was not lost... Bob calls them Oatmeal Brittle and is eating them anyway!!! What a Guy!!! he never refuses a Cookie.. No matter How Bad they Look... Ha !!!

So I think I need my Daughter Terry and my Niece "Heather" to show me How To Make Cookies... They are the " Betty Crockers" of all time in The Family!!!
Soooooooooooo I Am A Knitter... Not A Baker!!!! <>


LDSVenus said...

LOL Penny hehe

Yvette said...

ROFLMAO Penny!!!!!!! Keep knitting and just buy the cookies in future!!!!

Merry Christmas

with love

Yvette in Oztralia

Tiffany said...

LOL....that is hilarious!!! At least you knit beautifully. That's way better than baking.

Jen said...

LOL, just call them oatmeal bark :) We get this almond bark stuff that looks sort of like them

Melanie said...

FYI Betty Crocker has an Oatmeal Cookie mix that is wonderful (and really easy). I'm a disaster in the kitchen but these come out perfect every time. Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

I think you should enter those into a "Bake-off" may just win! Merry Christmas!!!

JustApril said...

heheheheeeee Oh Penny, my bubble is burst, I thought you could do anything! hahahahaha

Well, I bet you could knit some pretty cookies wha ha ha haaa

Isabelle aka Tricotine said...

Aaawww... What a sweet husband you have... :-)

Never refuses a cookie, huh?

Is it OK if I send him all my "baking failures"? LOL

the knotmaker said...

LOL - We all have our talents and just so long as you know what they are - all will be good!!

Amy said...

Next time try a little more flour... I generally use more than te resipe calls for. Mine used to go all flat like that too, till someone told me!