Sunday, January 08, 2006

Sweater Start

I spend all day yesterday going thru my stash because my friend.... " well, actually she is My Nieces friend who has become "My Adopted Niece"... asked me to make 2 Boys sweaters for gifts that she needs....... :)

Oh Sure.. That sounds like an easy task but I am so picky about what I make...
Bob says.." I can't believe you are so choosy about the yarns... You spent an entire afternoon looking at your yarn !!!"...

yea .. so... " Whats the point here , is there something Wrong with that ??" :)
Well.. What does he think ???? If I am going to make something I want it to be really nice or I wouldn't make it....Right??
Oh Boy... They just don't get it. Do they??

I dragged out ALL my stash and went through each bin until I was satisfied with my choices....
I ALMOST went out and bought more yarn but I have more yarn than the local LYS here in Cocoa has !!! And besides didn't I say I was not buying any more YARN.... LOL
So after much searching and deliberation and choosing of colors... I decided on the cutest little sweater for the First Gift !!!

Here is the beginning of it... Isn't it Sweet? :)


Pooch said...

Sounds perfectly normal to me! Love the colors you DID choose and, of course, the darling pattern!

Knit on!

Donna said...

The sweater is already looking Fantastico Penny!!! I LOVE the cute pattern that you've picked; probably another of your own designs!!!!! Beautiful colors too!

Becky said...

That is awesome! I love visiting here to see what you are up to.

Sedie said...

Nice job. Yes, they don't understand and we must forgive them for that.