Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Resolutions ???

Humm... Now let me see... What are my resolutions for this New year of 2006 ???

On the Knitting Front............

I will finish All of my WIPS that I have hidden all over the place so that I can have a Fresh start...

I will Not buy anymore YARN until I use up my stash which has taken over my house!

I will not start any projects that I do not plan on finishing in the Year "06..

I will resist All temptation when driving past a Yarn shop... No matter How hard my car trys to stear me into the shops parking lot.. I promise Not To Stop..

When walking through Walmart and that darn yarn flys into my cart... I will toss it back on its shelf.. Right where it Belongs...

Knitting Books and Patterns also have a way of working themselves into my house....
Am I going to knit ALL those wonderful items that I have so carefully picked out which I just HAVE to Make ??? Oh SURE I will, right! You are going to do all of your patterns too, aren't you????

I promise to Keep Going to Yarnacholics on a daily basis !!!

So What are YOUR Resolutions for 2006 ???

By The Way... What happens when ... ( I mean.. IF ) we Break our Resolutions???

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