Saturday, May 31, 2008

So ......... I was Happily working on the Park Hoodie and doing the left side... All the while I kept looking and looking and noticing that the cables just were not right ??? I checked and I was doing them with the correct Twist But ???

Then last night I started the Right Side and I saw that there were two purl stitches before and after the cables that I did not do in the left side... Duhhhhhhhhhhhh !!! Of Course there has to be purl stitches so that the cable stands out....

Darn it!!!!! Now I have to do the left side over again but I am really Happy that I finally found out what was wrong... I am doing the cables with the No Cable Needle Method and I thought thats why they looked different... Glad that is not the reason because I love Cables now that I am not using a third neelde !!!!
So On ward I go ( or should I say Backward I Go ) to 'TINK" the left side and reknit it again correctly!!!
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Nancy said...

It is frustrating to correct errors like this, but your sweater is going to be beautiful when you reknit the cables.

Happyplace. said...

Oh NO!
So, I'm curious, will you re-knit the whole piece, or do some surgery and try to drop the stitches next to the cable? I've seen it done (once), and wouldn't have the nerve, but find it fascinating. (I'm also deathly afraid of steeks. Someday I will knit a swatch and steek it, just to make myself do it. Kinda like skydiving. Why would you jump out of a perfectly good plane?)
Good luck!