Saturday, May 10, 2008

Projects May 2008

I didn't want you to think I was slacking up on my knitting so I took some pics of some of the projects I am working on... Last week I also quilted my quilt together.. I just have to sew the binding over and then I will post it !!!

This Pink and White Sweater is a Sirdar Pattern from an all white sweater but I had to give it some "zip" so I used Two Colors... Its also Pretty in the white but I got bored making white sweaters lately!
This will be for Paige ( My 4and 1/2 Yr Old GD)

This is a Blanket in Light Sage that I started for My Daughter Terrys New Baby which is due the end of this Month... As soon as Baby arrives ..Then I will get busy knitting for a Boy or Girl!!!

This is The Merry Cardigan.. A small version of the Arwen Cardigan... The Cables take a while to do but I love the look of it... It has a hood and that also has the cables around it!

The Irish Hiking Scarf which I feel like I have had on needles Forever... I do a little and then move on to another project... Hummmmmmm.... Do you think I have A.D.D. ????
Hopefully this will be finished for one of this years Christmas Gifts... So thats a Good Thing... I hve a Christmas Gift going.... I already finished one Alpaca Scarf for Christmas... Woopee... I am started on My Gift Giving!!!
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Happyplace. said...

I just jumped over to Rav to lok at your notes on Juliet...I think I'm going to give it a try for my 12 yo niece. Thanks for the inspiration! Your knits are beautiful...(I peeked, hope you don't mind...)I want to be one of your grandchildren!!!

handknit168 said...

Love all the baby stuff, specially of the yellow one, may be it is because I love the cable.

Kim said...

You are doing such great work. I can't wait to see them all finished.

Sheila said...

You never slack, Penny. And when you are retired, you should knit when you feel like it!