Friday, December 07, 2007

Now... Don't these Photos just make you Smile !!!!! :)
Samantha is all dressed up with her Christmas Spirit and Her Adorable Smile !!!
Yes... Grandma Knitted her hat with the flower on the side..
Yes...Grandma knitted the Blankie she is on..
Yes...Grandma knitted her Christmas Stocking..
Yes...Grandma knitted her Red and Green Booties !!!! LOL

And YES... Grandma knitted her White Loopy Trimed Sweater!!! :)

She sure has a Winning Smile, doesn't she !!!

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handknit168 said...

what a happiness baby wearing what her grandma has knitted to her.

Katt said...

Gorgeous little thing with all her handknits her grandma did for her :D


KSee said...

She is growing so fast! What beautiful eyes and her smile! So great to see all your knitty happiness on her. She is a doll.

ferda said...

she is so cute thanks her grandma I'm pregnant with a baby boy he is 27 weeks I'm very excited I know you from the yahoo group
your knitting is gorgeous I want to knit whatever I see on your blog :)

Nancy said...

Precious pictures! The first one should be framed!

Sheila said...

You seem to be having a great time with your new camera. And your Granddaughter is so sweet in all the knit wear.

Bonnie said...

Very, very cute Penny. She is a doll.

Yvette said...

Hi Penny -I have no cold weather to speak of here - so don't get much of an opportunity to make such gorgeous Christmassy things - and of course our Christmas is in midsummer too!

Samantha is getting so big and how she has changed - such a very happy baby!!


Melissa F. in CA said...

Adorable! Wow, grandma has been busy :)

Jules said...

Penny can I also ask where/what pattern you used for the baby hat with the flower on the side please?