Saturday, December 22, 2007

If you get the Florida Local News then you are aware of the Red Tide that we have been having for almost two months already...This is toxic blossoms which are in the water at this time... Most days it lets off a real toxic breeze and prevents us on the beach from being outdoors.. You just constantly cough and sneeze and get tired.....after so long a time it hurts your chest and throat... Its just awful and of course the beaches are pretty empty...
Some days if the wind blows from the West we are able to go out with very little problem...Which we all pray for daily!!
This morning we were able to go out for a bit but later the air was full again..
While at the beach I took these photos... Along the shore line and high tide line there are dead fish and eels as far as you can see looking in both directions.. What a sad site it is!!!!
The fish eat the blossoms and it then kills them and they wash ashore.. What a mess and what a stink !!!
I have written to the local news and conservationists in hopes that this can be researched further...
Is it all from the "Red Tide" or could it also be from all the dredging that is going on off shore near the Beach and channel????
Whatever the cause is we are praying for and end to it...

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Lisa C. said...

Ah, Penney, I am so sorry about your beaches. As a Floridian (currently in exile in NJ), I can see how the state of our beaches could break your heart.