Friday, November 23, 2007

These Little Cuties are the Best Baby Shoes I have seen.. I love the way the straps criss cross so that the tiny shoes will have a much better chance of staying on the babies feet!!!
The Pattern is from Saartje's Blog
I want to Thank You Saartje for sharing this wonderful pattern.. It is so well written ..easy to understand.. and the result is just Adorable!!!
I used Patons..Look At Me DK Yarn for these and a size 4 needle... They came out to hopefully fit My Five Month Old Grandaughter.. Samantha!!! .. Yes.. I am SURE that they will !!!

This Gadget was created by My Friend Mary....... Yes.. Its a toilet roll holder glued on to a tile !!!.. We also wound the yarn around a plastic tube... I used an aidia tube that I cut and then slit down the middle to fit on my Ball Winder...
Now.. The main use for this is while using laceweight yarn or fingering yarn... You know when you are knitting and the yarn twists sometimes and ends up in a tangled mess.. Well.. This unwinds from the outside while you are knitting and ... No More Tangles !!!!
Great Job Mary... Maybe you should get a patent for this !!!
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Anonymous said...

Just love the cuties


wrchili said...

Those booties are adorable!

Cynthia said...

Love the idea for the skein holder. I need to steal that before she patents it!

Thanks for your interest in my Old Shale Scarf pattern. In answer to your question - yes, it's just three rows of garter stitch between the pattern rows. Garter stitch shrinks up the rows a bit, so it doesn't look like that many rows.

kat said...

those are just the sweetest booties

Lu said...

The skein holder is a great idea, she should definitely patent it!

bb said...

LOVE the booties too!!!