Saturday, April 17, 2010

This is Yarn Holder that My Knitting Friends Hubby ( Tom ) made for me.. Isn't it great.. He made one for each of the gals at our Knitting Group...
It spins nice and easy while you knit so the yarn ball is not flopping all around the place.. Thanks Tom !! I Love it!!!!

This is a neat gadget that I found at an Estate sale today...... You pull it or make it smaller to mark yor place where your buttons and buttonholes go and they are evenly spaced and you can use it for sewing had the widths of the buttonholes ...It opens and closes like an accordian
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Erin Wallace said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and the nice comments. This course has really helped me with my photography and also with my blogging!

Luanne Western said...

Hi Penny,

Your yarn holder that spins and keeps your yarn ball from tangling is such a great idea. I just happened to think that I have a flute peg that looks almost identical (holds a flute upright when you take a break while practicing) that I could use for yarn as well.

And, I also have a Simflex gauge like yours which gets frequent use measuring for buttonholes, etc. Some of the knitters in a class I took last winter really wanted to order one, but I haven't found a source--I've had mine for years.

Your grandchildren are darling!

Luanne Western