Sunday, February 07, 2010

THis is a Sirdar Pattern and it is for Sami... Her Mama bought me the yarn for this ohhhhh about 4 years ago.. Which is Sirdar Snuggly and I just love it... It looks all white in the photo but there are tiny bits of mint and yellow in it also... The sweater feels soooooooooooooo soft!!! It was very interesting keeping all the holes in the right places!

This one is for Claire ( if it fits her) I did a 1-2 size but it seems small to me...( Maybe not) We will see...
The yarn is Valentino Cotton which I had in my stash for years!!! Its so nice to be using my stash..I have been very good and not buying any yarn for a few months now.. No Withdrawal Symptoms Yet!!! :)
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sue said...

Very very pretty! Love the color too. Isnt Sirdar yarn so soft and beautiful to knit with. It is always good to use up stash yarn too isnt it. I have been attempting some of that this week too.

Lulu said...

its lovely..