Saturday, October 03, 2009

Tomorrow Catherine and I are going to Smileys Hotel Sale in Plainview...
I will do my Best to Control My Urge to Buy Massive Amounts of Yarn to add To My Stash!!!! Ha.. Ohhhhhh yeaaaaaa !!!! :)

Hats Hats Hats !!!!!

I ahve been in a Hat Mood lately and here are some of My Toppers !!!
Nice and Bright, Right?? Guess it will make it easy to see where the kids are :)
One is for Felix and I made Sami's more "Girly"
I was up 'digging" into my age old Stash in the attic and Catherine commented about this antique yarn I had ... so I was "Thinking" Hummm.. I bet that would make some cute hats!!! And I think it did!!! The yarn is belonged to my stash that is at least 12 years old!!!! :)
Good Stash Busters!!!!

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Grandma Elsie said...

Now thats a good idea.. My twins never keep a hat anyway and if it snows this winter I need to do mittens and hats for them.
thanks for the idea.
Elsie <><

VaxGirl said...

Haha! They do look adorable, fr sure! But now I will have to buy some for Alice's clown vomit TP cozy!

Anonymous said...

those would sell like hot cakes here in Woodstock, Auntie P

Sandy said...

Ahhh hats I have been looking for a hat pattern thats easy and fast I have never made one and would love to for Christmas gifts, would you by any chance send me the pattern I would so appreciate this. This hat you did looks like the perfect pattern--Sandy in Canada email is