Saturday, April 11, 2009

You Remember back some posts I was telling you about the Afghan we were making for the Manager at Paneras where we knit every Wednesday...... Well.. There were five of us..... Mary, Myself, Sharon, Sally and Marilyn who each knitted 4 squares of our choice and I just finished joining them and doing a Border around...
It is now Complete and we will give it to Yvonne this week.. I think we did an excellent job Girls!!!! :)

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Marion said...

Wow, that's beautiful. Great Job.
Marion (rvknitter)

Laura said...

What a nice idea! It is just beautiful and Yvonne will love it.

Sally said...

Penny, you did a fabulous job of putting it together!!!!!!!! Wow, it really looks great!


Hi Marion! Didn't Penny do a great job putting it together?

Anonymous said...

What a treasure you are giving.

Sara (babysweater group on yahoo)

Anonymous said...

Penny, It has been a while checking out your site but I do have to say that the afghan is a pleasant surprise! Your completed work is always so cute (especially the baby stuff) but that blanket is just beautiful.