Friday, August 03, 2007

Can you Guess where we are ????
Yesterday we went to the Dentist.......My Knitting and Me !!! We both got a GOOD check-up and I also had my teeth cleaned !

This is a dress that I started......Pretty colors, huh !!! I am knitting it in the round so I'm going and going and going in knit... At this point I am sort of longing for the purl stitch..... But another few inches and I will start the rib yoke..
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Kathy Wajerski said...

I hope the dress didn't get too traumatized by the trip to the dentist.

My socks got nervous at the Dept of Motor Vehicles this week and jumped off the needles.

Jules said...

You are a machine woman!!:)lol

Pam (sykesmom2) said...

Looo-ooo-ooove the colors, Penny! Afain, I am amazed at your eye for pattern and colors, and a little envious of your spunk. I usually stick to solids. BTW, the Oat Coture is fab! I don't think I commented on it, but it is fab!

Pam in Ohio