Thursday, March 02, 2006


So I joined the Secret Sister Group and it seems that I am so lucky that I have Two Secret Sisters :)
This is from one of them... Look at all the Goodies !!!
The Magazine has some great Patterns in it ...
There is a sachet and some Lavander ...
And Ohhhhhhhhhh Wow... A beautiful skein of Bamboo... Now I am searching patterns to see what I can make .. It has 250 yards so I am thinking about a scarf..
She really did reasearch me .. Right down to My Lorna Doones and Couscous!! Now if I can get My Daughter to make me her Couscous Salad..... Yummy!!!!
Thank You " Secret Sis"


YarnB said...

Hi! Now I can sign your blog! What about a modular scarf for the bamboo. Have you ever seen the modular knitting?? There are many others also on I was looking last night! Your "secret" sis!

Tricotine said...

You are a lucky Sis, Penny! :)

Isabelle :)

Tricotine said...

Hey! Penny, I just realized that I the same card from my Secret Pal than the one you got from your Secret Sister!!!

Check it out!

Could it be the same person? That would be so funny!!! LOL

If not, what a coincidence and a popular card! ;D

Isabelle :)